Back to School Picnic

Come join us for our Supply Drop-off and Picnic.   This is a great time to meet new families and reconnect with friends after the summer.   There will be a taco truck and a snow cone truck to purchase from or bring your own picnic.dinner                                                                     

Picture of a picnic

Thursday, August 29th 

5:00 - 6:00 pm:   Meet your Teacher,  Drop off school supplies

6:00 pm:    Move outside for a picnic.

If your teachers have requested a donation towards school supplies,  we encourage you to pay online if possible.   You will be able to make a payment with cash or check during the supply drop off time.  

Please remember that paying for the supplies is completely optional.  If you and your family are unable to pay,  your son/daughter will still have access to the same supplies that have been purchased.  Thank you for your support.