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Students at Bethany follow a music curriculum that builds sequentially from year to year, based on the National Standards of Music Education.  In the music room, students learn to sing a repertoire of songs from diverse cultures.  They learn to play classroom instruments such as percussion, recorder, and violin, while reading rhythmic and tonal notation.  Students learn multicultural dances, create their own movements, and compose music.  They listen to a variety of music that represents many genres and cultures.  Creativity, exuberance, and effort are found in abundance in the music room!  

Students playing instruments

Bethany Students Create  -  Students work collaboratively to compose short pieces within specific grade-level guidelines while integrating visual art, dance, and literature.

Bethany Students Respond   -  Students use critical thinking skills when responding to and discussing musical works of all genres.  They learn to identify era, composer, and musical elements.  Students also analyze their own compositions and performances.

Bethany Students Connect  -  Students develop an understanding of music within social, cultural, and historical contexts. 

Choir students singing

Bethany Students Perform    -  Students perform vocal and instrumental works in music class, at school assemblies, and for the school community.  Additionally, the Bethany Bobcat Choir is a year-long ensemble open to 4th and 5th graders.