Supply List

2020-2021 School Supplies


Bethany has moved to a new way for purchasing school supplies.  This year we are suggesting a donation on a sliding scale--between $20 and $40 per child. The funds collected through these donations will allow us to provide every Bethany student with the supplies needed for distance learning, supplies later in the year, as well as the supplies for hands-on projects that minimize screen time whenever possible.


These donations are flexible, completely voluntary, and confidential--only the office knows who donates and how much. We know that the past few months have been difficult and have had a negative financial impact on many families. Please know that if you are unable to donate, your child will still have access to all of the materials that every other student has. If you aren't able to donate between the suggested $20 and $40, you are more than welcome to contribute whatever amount you can--every bit helps! And if you are able to donate more to help others in our community, we sincerely appreciate your generosity. 


School Supplies Donation Link


Note: You will need an active ParentVUE in order to access the donation link. Once in you will want to follow these steps:


  • Click on your Bethany student
  • Under the SHOP tab, click School Items
  • Click the grade of your student
  • You will then be able to fill in the amount you want to donate.