School Handbook

Welcome to Bethany Elementary School

It is no secret that our community has a long standing history of supporting the education of each child.  The dynamic partnership developed between school and community is what has contributed to Bethany’s success and its outstanding reputation throughout Beaverton (and all of Oregon).  The continuing partnership between our staff and community is geared toward providing a rigorous and relevant education for each child, while also fostering each student’s social and emotional growth.  We are committed to maintaining an environment that is safe, nurturing, welcoming, and one that will aid in the development of responsible citizens in our school and community.  I am confident that as we grow together, and support one another, we will watch Bethany School continue to shine!  I am truly humbled and excited by the opportunity I have to serve the community.

This handbook is a valuable resource.  It provides you with the procedures and activities that take place throughout the school year.  After taking time to look over the handbook, please do not hesitate to contact the office so we can address any questions you may have, or feel free to drop by the office, you are always welcome.  Our phone number is 503-356-2030 and the office hours are 7:30am-4:00pm each school day.  


Casey Lange


Bethany Elementary School

School Hours and Schedule

Daily Schedule

Kindergarten - 5th

  • 8:00am to 2:35pm
  • 8:00am  -  1st - 5th:  Teachers pick students up from the gym and go to classrooms
  • 8:00am - Kindergarten: Teachers pick students up from the cafeteria and go to classrooms
  • 2:35pm  -  Students Dismissed

Important:  Students will be marked late at 8:05.

Recess / Lunch Times


  • Recess: 10:50 - 11:10
  • Lunch: 11:10 - 11:30

1st Grade

  • Lunch: 10:50 - 11:10
  • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30

2nd Grade

  • Recess: 11:30 - 11:55
  • Lunch: 11:55 - 12:15

3rd Grade

  • Lunch: 11:35 - 11:55
  • Recess: 11:55 - 12:15

4th Grade

  • Lunch: 12:20 - 12:40
  • Recess: 12:40 - 1:00

5th Grade

  • Recess: 12:20 - 12:40
  • Lunch: 12:40 - 1:00

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival At School

  • Students having breakfast  at school may arrive after 7:30 A.M. and proceed directly to the cafeteria.
  • Students who are not having breakfast at school may arrive after 7:30 A.M. and proceed to one of the options below...


Students will be allowed to pick one of the following options before school:  

  • Wait quietly in the gym (1st -5th) or cafeteria (K)
  • Students will sit in spaces that are designated by grade-level / teacher and will be allowed to read quietly, work on homework, draw, or chat quietly.
  • Each day, between two and three grade levels will also be selected on a rotating basis to play outside prior to the 7:55 bell ringing.  
  • Go to the library with a pass. There will be a limited number of passes available each morning and they can be obtained from staff members on duty in the gym or cafeteria.

Information For Parents:

  • Parents in the drop off / pick up lane are asked pull their car forward each time there is room in front of them.  This helps to cut down on overall congestion and traffic on 174th.
  • Parents are welcome to walk their student to the front entrance, but are asked to park in designated spots only.

Dismissal From School

Kindergarten – 1st Grade:

  • Students who are picked up by a parent, or sibling, will be picked up directly from the teacher’s outside classroom door (Please walk around the outside of the building to pick up). This will cut down on the traffic in the building, and ensure a safe hand off between teacher and parent.
  • Students who are car riders will be picked up by a staff member inside, walked outside through the cafeteria, and dropped off next to the upper elementary wing. Supervision for car riders will be provided in the area between the cafeteria and upper elementary wing.
  • Bus riders will be picked up by a staff member, walked outside, and dropped off at the bus loading area.
  • Students who are walkers will be allowed to exit through the teacher's classroom door.

2nd Grade:

  • Students who are picked up by a parent, or sibling, will be picked up from their teacher in the lobby.
  • Students who are car riders will be picked up by a staff member inside, walked outside through the cafeteria, and dropped off next to the upper elementary wing. Supervision for car riders will be provided in the area between the cafeteria and upper elementary wing.
  • Bus riders will be picked up by a staff member, walked outside, and dropped off at the bus loading area.
  • Students who are walkers will be allowed to exit through the teacher's classroom door.

3rd-5th Grade:

  • All students in grades 3-5 exit through their exterior classroom door to the outside.
  • Students picking up Kindergarten or first grade brothers/sisters will exit the exterior door of their classroom and then meet their siblings at the exterior door of their sibling's classroom. (We will work with students during the first few days to make sure they know where those doors are).
  • Students picking up their second grade brothers/sisters will exit the exterior door of their classroom, walk to the front entrance of the school, and pick them up in the main lobby.

For Parents:

  • All Parents of K-1 students may wait outside of the class for their student to be released to them.
  • We ask that you wait until the teacher opens the door. Please remember that they are trying to maximize the instructional time they have with students.


Parking Lot Information


Bethany parking lot layout,  showing specific  labeled parking spaces


  • Parent Walk-In Parking: To be used by parents who wish to walk their student to the lobby doors before school, or meet their student in the lobby after school. These parking spaces may be used by anybody from 8:00 - 2:15
  • General Parking: To be used by staff, volunteers, substitute teachers, and other individuals who are visiting the building for the day.


Attendance Procedures


The most significant contribution any family can make to the success of their child  is to ensure regular attendance. Regular school attendance is essential for students to be successful in school.  Missed school means less time for learning, and it typically takes two days to catch up for every one day of absence.  It is important for every child to be in school every day, unless he/she is ill.

  • Contact the school office if it becomes necessary for students to be absent from school.
  • Attendance will be monitored by the classroom teacher, counselor, and principal.  If a child has a chronic attendance or tardy problem, Bethany staff will be in contact with parents to determine the cause, and find solutions so the child may attend school on a daily basis

This is an insightful video about daily attendance


Absence Reporting

Bethany, maintains a Call-In Program for all students who are absent from school. The Call-In Program is our effort to ensure that students reach school safely. 

  • Parents/Guardians may call 503.356.2031 to report and absence. Messages may be left at this number, however, messages are only checked each morning between 8:15am and 8:30am.
  • Parents of students who are not in school, and have not called the message center will be contacted first by the district level auto-dialer.



If your child must have a medical or dental appointment during school hours, please send a written excuse to the office .  If a child must leave the school for an appointment and/or is sent home due to illness, parents must check the student out through the office before the child leaves the school grounds.


Make up Procedures for Absent Students

Teachers will work to assist students when they need to make up homework and class assignments.

  • Brief absences: teachers will work with students to make up work upon their return.
  • Extended abscenses for illness: If you would like make-up assignments for your child while he/she is at home recovering from an illness, please call the school office before 10:00am.  Please wait until the second day of your child’s illness before asking for assignments. Parents pick up homework from the school office after 2:30pm.
  • Students are responsible for bringing finished homework and books upon their return to school. The classroom teacher will review homework and instructional needs of the child when he/she returns to school.
  • Family vacations during the school year, although sometimes unavoidable, are discouraged as they result in a loss of instructional time, which impacts learning.  It is important to remember, work is not provided during this time. Students should take a book, do a journal of the trip and take their math workbook home.



It is important that each child be at school on time.  Morning routines are developed in each classroom in order to establish the purpose for the day.  When students are present for those routines, it allows them to feel prepared for a successful day.  It also helps them to feel connected to the classroom culture. Please help your child establish a habit of being on time to school each morning.  A child arriving at school after 8:05 am is considered tardy and will grab a late slip from the office before going to class.   




General Policies and Procedures

Bicycle/Skateboard/Scooter Safety

If students ride bikes, skateboards, or scooters to school, they are required by law to wear a helmet and observe bicycle/skateboard/scooter safety rules.  It is best if bicycles are equipped with locks and parked in the bicycle racks provided in the back of the school. Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards should be walked while on the school grounds, this includes the pathway to the crosswalk.  

Bus Riders

Students who ride the school bus are expected to obey rules of good conduct. A student whose behavior threatens his/her safety or that of fellow riders on the bus, or at the bus stops, may be suspended from the bus until a parent conference is held.  For safety purposes, only eligible students may ride the bus. As part of the Beaverton School District’s safety program, students will practice an emergency bus evacuation in the fall.


Closed Campus & Visitors

The safety of our students is a top priority.  All schools in the Beaverton District are closed campuses.  Visitors are allowed on the school property between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm as long as they are here for the purposes of volunteering, having lunch with a student, or other school related matters.  When visiting BES, it is necessary to check-in at the office and get a visitor’s sticker.  All faculty have been instructed to stop any adult who does not have proper identification and escort them to the office to obtain a visitor’s sticker.



There is a crosswalk on 174th at the entrance to the Bethany parking lot.  This year, thanks to the hard work of BPTO, there will be a blinking sign/crosswalk installed.  This can be used by all students who walk, scooter, skateboard, and ride a bike. A Crossing Guard is available to assist with crossing before school from 7:30 - 8:00 A.M.  and after school from 2:35- 2:55 P.M.


Discipline And Responsibilities

(Additional information may be found in the BSD Student & Parent Resource Handbook.
The Bethany discipline policy focuses on our belief that students are responsible for their own behavior.  Disciplinary actions, when deemed appropriate by an authorized school staff member, will be enforced to

  • Help students learn from their choices.
  • Ensure the educational environment is productive and safe for all students and staff.
  • Help students find solutions to the problems that have been created.


Dismissal:  General Information

Arrangements for going home with friends after school should be made in advance of the planned activity.  A note from home is required when there is any change in a child’s routine.

There are circumstances when a student comes to the office confused about their after-school travel plans.  In these instances the office staff will assist the child in determining the correct plans. If we are unable to clarify the plans for a child, he/she will remain in the office until a family member can be reached.  If a student needs to stay after school at their teacher's request, he/she will call a parent or babysitter first for permission. Teachers may allow students to use their classroom phone to notify you.


General Information for Students & Routines

  • If you are feeling  ill, make sure to get permission from your teacher to go to the office.
  • If you are injured or see someone get hurt, tell the teacher or duty person closest to where you are.
  • If you find something, check with the closest teacher before taking it to the Lost and Found.  Money and very small items should be taken to the office.
  • Toys, cards, games, etc.   are best left at home.  This includes, but is not limited to, all MP3 players, electronic games, balls, jump ropes, athletic equipment, etc.  Even when the toy is only used on the playground, it can cause a disagreement between students, get broken, and sometimes be lost.  The school can not guarantee an item’s safe return if it is brought to school without permission. Sometimes students will be given permission to bring a special toy or possession from home for a classroom activity such as show and tell.  Students are welcome to bring those items as long as they remain in their backpack before and after sharing.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing and shoes on PE days ensures that each child will remain safe, and be able to participate. Tennis shoes are a great option. Sandals and open-toed shoes put students at risk for injury and are discouraged.  
  • When moving from one part of the building to another either with you class, a small group, or on your own, you are expected to move quietly to show respect for those that are working around you.
  • Students and teachers will work out a mutual plan so students know when they are able to leave their classroom area (passes, oral or written permission, etc.)
  • Check your child’s backpack daily for information from the school or teacher.
  • Cafeteria rules and recess procedures will be discussed and reviewed by teachers, lunch supervisors, counselor and principal..
  • Money and valuables are the responsibility of each student.


General Home/School Communication

Two-way communication between home and school is a critical component to a successful partnership.

To that end, we communicate regularly and in a timely manner with families regarding various aspects of our school program.  Avenues of communication may include:

  • The Bethany Bobcat:  The Bobcat is emailed most Thursdays and provides families with important information regarding upcoming dates, events, PTO, etc.  The school lunch menu is also attached to The Bobcat on the last Thursday of every month.
  • Our school website also contains information that is valuable for families. 
  • General school information is often shared via facebook at:
  • Check your child’s backpack daily for information from the school or teacher.
  • School messenger is also used as a means for mass communication.
  • You will also see a monthly blast from the principal.


Specific Home/School Communication

We encourage family members to contact teachers by telephone, e-mail, or a note whenever a question or concern arises.  Your child’s teacher knows each child as an individual and as a group member. If there is a problem or unresolved question, the teacher is the best person to contact for information.  

Sometimes there may be problems that are ongoing and/or serious.  Parents are encouraged to engage in meaningful and frequent communication with the teacher before the principal may become involved.  This is by far the most effective and reliable means for solving a problem.

The only exception to having meaningful and frequent communication with the teacher regarding a concern or a problem before involving the principal is if there is a concern for the immediate physical safety of a student.   


Urgent Information and Important Reminders

SchoolMessenger is a mass notification system that is used by the Beaverton School District to communicate general information, attendance notifications, and emergency broadcasts to parents, guardians, students and staff.

Recipients can customize their communication preferences by signing up for an account through the InfoCenter.

Once at the InfoCenter, you can give us your permission to call you and manage your preferences.

To create an account, click “Sign Up” on the top right menu. To sign up, you must have an email address on file with the District.  

Consent only needs to be given once per parent/guardian. Below are some helpful links and information for your reference:

BSD SchoolMessenger


Helpful Information Links:

About School Messenger
School Messenger's Info Center Website (Customize contact preferences)

School Messenger Info Center Consent

Learn More About InfoCenter



Lost and Found

Encourage your child to look for lost articles as son as you realize they are missing. All clothing should be labeled with your child's name and phone number. Lunch boxes should also be labeled. Unclaimed items are donated through the year.  



Per BSD guidelines, school parties are limited to three per year, and are usually during the last hour of the day. All food provided to students for parties must be prepared in a licensed kitchen or packaged from a store. Home-made items cannot be brought for school consumption (Please see Guidelines for Safe Handling of Food.)  

  • Each party will need to comply with the Beaverton School District health and nutrition guidelines.
  • In consideration of the feeling of everyone, students are asked not to distribute private birthday party invitations to friends while at school.


PE Clothing

Closed toe shoes are the safest option for students while participating in PE. Appropriate clothing for specific activities should be worn on PE days. Students do not change clothes for PE.


All schools in BSD are animal free schools. With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed on campus at any time. Administrative Regulation and Board Policies regarding Animals in Schools must be followed at all times.

Student Dress

Students should be properly dressed for the weather and in clothes that enhance the educational environment. Additional information may be found in the BSD Student & Parent Resource Handbook.

Student Money

Please limit the amount of cash that students carry to the amount needed for the day. Students become very distressed when they have lost or misplaced money brought to school.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather school may be delayed two hours or closed for the day. If there is a change to routines due to weather, the school will make every reasonable effort to immediately communicate these changes via School Messenger, Remind, Facebook, and the BSD District Webpage. The Bethany School webpage is often the last media to be updated. Local television and radio stations will also make announcements about changed due to weather. Parents are encouraged to check these media sources for information rather than calling the school for updates as telephones lines often become overloaded.

In the event we have a late opening, classes will begin two hours later. The late opening start time will be 10:00 am.

Please make sure that your emergency contact information is up to date. This information is critical in the event of an early dismissal or other emergency. It is also helpful to list additional contacts who are able to pick your student up during early dismissal in the event of a weather day. This helps if/when you are unable to leave work, but a neighbor has the ability to pick up. We can only allow them to do this if they are listed on your emergency card.

Health Information

Health Room

Beaverton Schools employ the services of certified public health nurses who are available by phone when needed. Bethany has a school nurse one afternoon a week, or nurses may be contacted at the District Office at 503.591.4133.

If a student becomes ill during school hours, every effort will be made to contact you so that you can make a decision about the best way to care for your child. The school does not have facilities to take care of sick children except on a very short-term basis.  When being picked up from the health office we ask that they be signed out at the front office before going home. A child will not be sent home unless someone is contacted.  Your child’s emergency contact information is essential during an illness or emergency.  Please keep the emergency information updated when you change employers or phone numbers.

Health Emergencies

If your child is injured or becomes ill at school, we are only permitted to administer emergency treatment.  If the nature of an injury or illness seems serious, 911 will be called to receive paramedic treatment, transportation to a medical facility and/or further recommended treatment.



If your child needs medication during school hours, please bring that medication in the original container and check it in with the school secretary.  For safety reasons, it is critical that you transport the medication and complete the necessary forms at the school. Prescription and nonprescription medication must be in the original container (Oregon State law).  When requested, pharmacists are usually willing to provide two labeled containers, one each for home and school.

Administration of nonprescription (over-the-counter) medication by school personnel requires written instructions from the student’s parent.  Physician orders are no longer necessary, with the exception of dosage requests that contradict the safe dosage on the bottle/container.  Nonprescription medication is commercially prepared, non alcohol-based medication to be taken at school if necessary for a student to remain in school.

Self-medication is not allowed at the K-8 grade levels. Emergency medications, such as a bee sting kit, must be accompanied by your doctor’s written directions for use.

Unused medication should be picked up by a parent at the end of the school year or they will be disposed of. Unfortunately, medication cannot be sent with a student.

Guidelines for the Safe Handling of Body Fluids

The Beaverton School District has adopted procedures for the safe handling of body fluids in a school setting for the prevention or spread of diseases.  Every person's body fluid is being treated as though it is potentially infectious. You may observe school personnel in some of these practices as you visit school or hear your child discuss them:

  • Disposable gloves are worn whenever there is contact with body fluid
  • All stage and students are encouraged to care for their own bleeding or draining injuries or lesions, if possible.
  • Good hand washing practices are being reinforced
  • Body fluid spills are properly cleaned and disinfected
  • If garments are blood-stained, we will request clean clothing from home or attempt to provide clean shirt/pants

Immunization Requirements

For attendance in Oregon schools the law requires that students must be fully immunized, in the process of receiving immunizations, or have a signed statement of exemption on file at school.  Students enrolling in school for the first time or enrolling from another country must present evidence of at least one dose of each vaccine. Students transferring from other schools have 30 days for records to be received.  Children born in certain countries of high tuberculosis prevalence must present a certificate of clearance before attending school. Before a child can begin kindergarten, certain vaccines should have been received. Please visit the following websites for immunization schedules and information.


Washington County Immunization Info


Communicable Diseases

We are governed by the health policies of the Washington County Health Department, whose general policies regarding absences are listed on their website in the left column.


Head Lice

Head lice is not uncommon in elementary school, especially in primary grades. Because head lice is highly communicable, anyone can become infested with this condition. You may become aware of this condition in your own children by watching for signs such as severe scratching of the scalp.  Children with head lice will have tiny bugs and/or grayish white dandruff-like particles that seem glued to the hair shaft. The school would appreciate notification if your child gets head lice. This assists us in taking precautionary measures at school. All information is completely confidential.

If you detect head lice on your child:

  • Keep your child at home until they have been treated.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you need assistance or have questions.

Students may return to school following proper treatment as long as no live lice are present. If a student is suspected of having lice at school they will be discreetly assessed by staff.  If live lice are present students will be excluded from school and they will only be readmitted after re-assessment confirms that no live lice are present. Students found with nits (lice eggs) only, will not be excluded, but will be checked periodically to confirm continuing absence of live lice.


Hearing and Vision Screening

Hearing screening by a licensed audiologist is scheduled annually for all students in kindergarten and third grade. Students in other grades may be tested at the request of a parent and/or teacher. Parents are notified of the results of the hearing screening.

Distant vision screening is provided for all students in the fall.

Nutrition Services

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast is served daily at 7:30am.   Lunch is served between 10:50 A.M. and 12:40 P.M.


School Meals & Nutrition Standards

Breakfasts and Lunches which meet USDA nutrient standards are available for all students to purchase each day. At breakfast, students are offered foods from 3-4 food groups (fruit, whole grains, LF/NF dairy & protein), and students must choose servings from 3 different groups for the meal to be considered a” complete” meal. At lunch, students are offered foods from 5 different food groups, (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, LF/NF dairy & protein).  New USDA standards effective July 1, 2012 require that students must choose at least a ½ cup of fruit or vegetables, or a combination of fruits & vegetables, in addition to servings from 2 other food groups to make the meal a “complete” one.  




Breakfast, Lunch for the current month and A la Carte menus are posted on the Nutrition Services page.


Meal Prices

At this time, meal prices for the 2018-19 school year will be posted on the Meal Benefits page.


Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits

If a family is experiencing financial need, then parents may complete one application for free or reduced price meals for all students in their family.  Meal benefits on-line application and instructions are available at Nutrition Services Program page.  Paper copies will also be available in the school office, cafeteria, or from the Nutrition Services Meal Benefits office.  The application process and each student’s meal benefit status are completely confidential.

Families may apply for meal benefits at any time throughout the school year, even up to the last day of school. Please remember, a new application is required for each school year.   For more information please call: Nutrition Services Meal Benefits Office 503-259-8427 or ELL Welcome Center 503-672-3715.


Student Meal Accounts & Making Meal Payment

Each student is assigned their own individual meal account which they can access using a Personal Identification Number, (PIN).  The meal account is a debit account, so students eligible for full and reduced price meals must deposit money into their account before they can purchase meals.  Parents may deposit money into their student’s account by any of the following methods:

  • Sending cash, or a check made out to the Bethany Cafe. When making a payment, please indicate your student's first and last name along with his/her PIN, on the memo line of the check. It's best to deliver the payments directly to Nutrition Services staff in the cafeteria so that the payments can be applied before the next meal. Some schools have payment drop boxes or baskets in the main office that you can also use, however, it's possible the payments may not be applied prior to the next meal service.
  • Making payments online at the  SchoolCafé website. SchoolCafe is an on-line payment system that is linked to your student's cafeteria. Parents can register for a free SchoolCafe account on the  SchoolCafé website. You will need to have your student's 6-digit district ID to do so, which you can get by contacting the school. Payments made are usually credited to a student's account within 2 hours, but may take up to 24 hours, so it's best to make payments at least one day in advance.

When account balances get low, students will receive a verbal reminder that they need to bring money.   Please see the information above regarding easy ways to track your student’s meal balance.

Whenever your student graduates to the next level or transfers to another school within BSD, his/her account balance will transfer.


Meal Etiquette

Health department regulations stipulate that students should wash their hands before eating and are not allowed to share any portion of their meals.  Students are expected to clean up after themselves, return trays to the proper location, recycle appropriate items, and dispose of garbage in the waste.


Guidelines for Safe Handling of Food

The Beaverton School District has procedures for the safe handling of food in the classroom and cafeteria to help prevent the spread of disease, including Hepatitis.  All food brought into the classroom for sharing must be prepared in a commercial kitchen and individually sealed. There can be no exceptions to these guidelines. Teachers must follow strict guidelines including having a current Food Handling Card in order to prepare food in the classroom as an extension of an instructional lesson.  Students cannot trade and/or share food during lunch and/or snack time.

Office Policies and Procedures

Office Services

The school office hours are from 7:30am to 4:00pm.   The school office is available to assist students, staff, and parents.

Student Directory

A roster of student phone numbers and address will be available for purchase in the fall. An opt out form will be sent home for families to fill out and return if they do not want to be published in the book.


Registration Requirements

Students registering for kindergarten in the Beaverton School District must be five years old on or before September 1. This date must be verified with an original birth certificate or passport at the time of registration and an original verification of address (utility bill, earnest money agreement, etc.).  The office will make copies of these documents for you.

Parents of all incoming students will need to complete the following forms prior to enrollment.  These forms are available in each school office:

  • Student Enrollment Form
  • Certificate of Immunization Status
  • Migrant Questionnaire

Parents can now enroll their children through the online enrollment located on our district website.

Transferring Schools

It is necessary that parents contact the school office when they plan to transfer a child from Bethany School.  In order to assemble the necessary information for transferring students, please notify the office at least one day prior to the transfer.

Parent Involvement

Bethany School Parent Teacher Organization (BSPTO)

The BSPTO along with the school principal and other groups within the school determine fund-raising needs and sponsor several fund-raising and community events throughout the year. All parents are highly encouraged to attend the BSPTO meetings that are held on the first Tuesday of every month.  Meeting times are posted on the school calendar.


Volunteerism is an integral part of our home school partnership at Bethany.  Family and community members extend and enhance classroom learning. Parent committees also provide support and advice to the principal and faculty outside the classroom.  Parent volunteers organize all major school-wide events which enrich our children’s educational experience and build a sense of community at Bethany. Fund-raising by the BSPTO supports educational enrichment programs, technology, classroom purchases by teachers, scholarships and more.  Volunteers are expected to meet all Volunteer Expectations and Responsibilities.

If you are interested in volunteering, Beaverton Schools now require a background check. You can fill this out online on our Volunteer Page. Paper forms are also available in the office.



Student Academic Information

Assignment of Students to Classrooms / Class Request

Final assignments to classrooms are made by the principal.  Parent input for their child’s following school year placement is welcome through the Parent Input Form, which is available in the office during the month of June. Although we can’t guarantee the ability to meet all requests, we will work to do so. Classroom teachers at each grade level put together balanced class lists for the following year by balancing gender, TAG, special ed., etc. Great care is taken by staff to create class lists each year. Because such great consideration and planning are put into the creation of classes, we are unable to consider changes during the first 30 school days (not calendar days).   Concerns with classroom placement should first be addressed in writing directly with the teacher so that the teacher may have a meaningful opportunity to address any concerns.  

Requests for classroom change after the first 30 school days may be considered by the principal if there have been multiple, documented attempts for meaningful conversation and solutions to concerns between the teacher and the parent.  If no resolution has been reached, a parent may present the request to the principal in writing. The request should include the reason for the change, a detailed account of how the concern has been discussed with the teacher, and a statement as to why the proposed change would be beneficial to the student. Please note:

  • The presented request will be shared with the teacher.
  • No changes will be made within two weeks of the request so that information may be gathered.
  • The principal will convene a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of a change.
  • The final decision for a classroom change will be with the principal.


Homework Policy Kindergarten - Grade 2

Students at the primary level should ordinarily complete all basic assignments within the school day.  Homework of reasonable length is entirely appropriate in helping students improve their basic skills or accelerate learning. Students should be reading each night.


Homework Policy Grades 3rd-5th

Third, fourth and fifth graders will be expected to do some work at home.  When students fail to finish daily in-class work, they will be expected to complete it at home.  This is not pre-planned homework. Students are encouraged to use class time wisely. Some pre-planned homework is necessary.  Assignments will apply basic skills learned in class and expand students’ knowledge. Students’ initiative and responsibility should be encouraged.  


Special Education

A special education teacher, speech/language pathologist, and school psychologist may provides services to students who qualify under IDEA.  Questions and concerns regarding your student’s learning needs should be directed to the classroom teacher.


Student Progress Reports

Student Progress Reports are sent home at the end of each semester.  The purpose of the progress report is to share student achievement, successes and areas needing additional support.   Parents may request a conference with classroom teachers at any time during the school year.



The Beaverton School District offers a Talented and Gifted program for academically advanced students in grades K-5.  Bethany students are served at the building through in-class activities. Any questions regarding the program or qualification procedures should be directed to the TAG Facilitator.  Parents may request testing. A form is available in the office during the month of October.